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About Alexandra

Using the technology of mass production (a Jigger Jolley machine), Alexandra batch produces pieces that, whilst being uniform in shape, are hand-painted so that each is completely individual. In addition, she collaborates with ceramist Chris Bramble to produce the vases which are thrown on the wheel. Each piece is made from high-fired earthenware (and therefore very durable and even dishwasher-safe) to which are applied coloured slips, painstakingly painted on in 5 or 6 layers. These are then sanded down and covered with a transparent glaze. She then applies the pattern with a further glaze and the piece is fired for a third time. The ranges comprise bowls (2 sizes), plates, vases (2 sizes) and dishes (3 sizes) and each is available in 8 designs and 5 colourways, which can be co-ordinated by mixing or matching.

Alexandra trained at what was then Staffordshire Polytechnic in Ceramics, but postponed setting up as a potter and instead decided to travel around the world for a few years. It was while living in Bolivia that her interest in ceramics was rekindled, and so, on her return to the UK, Alexandra decided to build on her experience of the industry by working with top names in ceramics such as Kate Malone and Julie Goodwin. Alexandra now works from her own studio in North East London and has exhibited at Pulse, Top Drawer, and with Hidden Art at 100% Design, and also sells through a number of galleries and art and design boutiques across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

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